Travel Diaries: Berlin


  1. so lovely! it's funny what a different perspective on a city can do. i was once in berlin and remember it a gloomy, i had a feeling that i would never want to go back. this make me see the city in a different light.

    1. Oh good! I've only been in summer but so I'm sure winter is a whole different story. But the city had such a great relaxed feel to it, super laid back, so much green space, efficient transit and bike lanes... Toronto could learn a thing or two! :)

  2. Berlin is located at the bank of the River Spree. It is the capital and largest city of Germany. It is a famous home of museums, contemporary art, universities, orchestra, entertainment venues and sporting events. It has many tourist destinations. Last year I visited it after finishing bus tours from boston to washington dc. I visited its many destinations, Berlin Philharmonic, TeamEscape Berlin, Pergamon Museum, A Berlin con Luca, Treptower Park, Museum Island and German Historical Museum. It was an amazing tour. I cannot forget it.