Honeyuck for Casper & Pearl

As you may or may not know, we were the first in Canada to bring you a little known label out of Australia by the name of Casper & Pearl.  You will likely be hearing a lot more about them in the near future as they've been blowing-up state-side lately due to the creativity and hard work of their wunderkind founder, 21 year old Stacey Hendrickson. Here the young designer is captured in a technicolor dream-world by San Francisco photographer Hana Haley, wearing the new spring collection (their Spring, not ours) from C&P.

We recently discovered Miss Haley, or "Honeyuck" via her stunning photography blog (more on that tomorrow, it needed it's own post, seriously THAT GOOD) and instantly added her to our list of dream photographers to work with. Having shot two of our past-season lookbooks on film, (our first ever in Kensington Market with Fieldguided and this past spring-summer's in LA with Matt Tammaro), we've fallen in love with the medium and the grainy, true-vintage look that only film photography can achieve. 

Scroll down for a closer look at this stunning series, and watch for more pieces by Casper and Pearl coming soon!

Admit it, you can't look at this picture without hearing that theme song in your head.

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