MBFW - Australia - part one

backstage at Romance Was Born and Ellery

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia is in full swing down under, and as usual we are glued to our monitors. (I woke up super early to stream the aje show, TOTALLY worth it.) As our focus in the shop is on bringing you the best in affordable Australian brands, we are always looking to the Aussies as our  personal trend forecasters. They are a season ahead remember, already showing next spring which hits down there in September. From the designers, to the bloggers to the industry streetstyle stars, (*see our Elle Ferguson post) the innovation and creativity coming out of that county (and their Kiwi neighbours) never ceases to amaze us. 

We are marking our calendars for the Bless'ed show tomorrow, but until then, here are some of our favourite shots from the week so far.

 The stunning aje show:

Kate Sylvester; serious Kiwi talent:

Romance Was Born went all in and took us on a magic mushroom pyschedellic ride that stole the show opening night with intense candy colours, frills and crazy wigs - they even dipped the models faces in glitter. The runway was transformed into a trippy, glittery, marshmallow candyland dream-world: 

We're obsessed. You can watch the video here

And last but not least, the streetstyle:

Elle Ferguson looks ADORBS in her blue mirrored sunnies. Get yours HERE

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