California Dreaming

Two weeks later and we are still recovering from a trip so unbelievably perfect we're not even sure it was real. From a business class upgrade, to a desert road trip to an encounter with the SILVER FOX himself, Mr. John Slatterly, a.k.a. Roger Sterling (guys, he said "hi" to me!!!!!), the entire thing was a blissful, magical dream. 

Not to mention the whole reason we were down there, a successful Fall '13 buying trip! In our spare time we strolled the boardwalks and canals of Venice, drove through the Hollywood Hills and soaked up the laid back vibe of Silverlake. The trip was capped off with a picture-perfect lookbook shoot by the beach, which only made getting on the plane at the end of the day that much harder.

We came home energized, rejuvinated, and so excited to show you our new finds, some of which will be arriving in the next few weeks! And when Toronto weather is bleak and grey, we will look back with love on the perfect day spent driving through the desert with the windows down and Tom Petty on the stereo, under the bluest skies we've ever seen...

'Hi CammyMumu!"

2am, somewhere in Santa Monica..
Venice Beach characters

James Beach Bar & Grill, where the Silver Fox sighting took place. "These fish tacos are the tits."

Our favourite house in Venice. Look at those colours. 

"We're on the freeway!!!!"


Requisite in-room record player.

The peacock pants in their natural habitat. 

The magic hour in Palm Springs.

Road trip to Joshua Tree... "And I'm FREE...!!"

Into the great wide open..

The sunset in Silverlake.
As close as we got to the sign.

Beverly Hills, 90210.

Our  wonderful Air BnB in Silverlake had the cutest back patio...
...and this view. Highly recommended.

The dude abides.

PAWS, coming soon!

The amazing Matt Tammaro and beautiful Joelle hard at work.

New York you have my heart but LA you have my soul.


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