Colour inspiration: mint

We recently talked about chartreuse being the colour of the season here at Fitzroy, but another colour we're super excited to wear this spring is mint. One of our all-time favourites, this fresh, mood-lifting shade reminds us that happy times are ahead, filled with ice cream, summer afternoons and picnics. Look out for these and other mint pieces hitting the shop soon - we can't wait!

The jaw-dropping Eagles Shadow Bikini from One Teaspoon.

This cut-out stunner from Bless'ed Are The Meek in mint,

and this Bless'ed maxi with mint accents.

Our current obsession, "Madmen Mint" nail polish by One Teaspoon is available in the shop right now! 

Scroll down for some inspiration on how to work this gorgeous color into your wardrobe both now and later!

Pics via PINTEREST. Follow us for more! 

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