The trends we're loving for 2013!

Hello and Happy New Year you lovely people! To mark the start of the new year we've put together a little sneak peek at how your year is shaping up, style wise. Spoiler alert, it's looking pretty good. 
Pretty, pretty, good. 

1. Florals.  Still going strong in a variety of ways; from bold, large-scale prints... modern geometric digital florals... your grandmother's floral garden tapestry... neon florals...

..and the forceful return of the sunflower and daisy prints of the 90s floral.

But the strongest floral trend of the new year, and our favourite by far, is the TROPICAL floral. Get ready for EVERYTHING to have palm trees and tropical birds all over it. WE. CAN'T. WAIT.

2. Chartreuse. Emerald may be Pantone's official colour of 2013, but it's this eye catching neon yellow shade that we are seeing throughout all the spring collections. Bonus, it's super flattering on every skin tone and mixes perfectly with the neutrals in your wardrobe.

3. Bold Graphic Prints. Still going strong and boy do we have some good ones in store for you. 

4. Studs. Specifically, studded accents on everything. Love love love.

5. Tie dye. This tried and true boho-favourite suddenly feels so fresh again. 

7. Metallics.  Seriously, is there anything cooler?? 

See you in 2013 everybody!

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