Best Dressed: SAG Awards

Shortly after the Golden Globes there was an interesting piece in The Guardian warning us to expect a lot of "bland, full length gowns" this red carpet season, "designed purely to make the wearer look thinner and keep her out of the dreaded 'worst dressed' columns."  And watching the SAG Awards Red Carpet last night I found myself in total agreement. While everyone looked very pretty and tiny (of course), I found there were very few risks taken or looks that were actually interesting. Case in point, the two gorgeous young actresses (who could probably have pulled off anything), in drab, floor length navy gowns. Navy?! "Safe" choices perhaps, but from a style perspective; snoozeville. 

You may not agree with the choices on my list, but I was looking for the ladies who went outside the box and brought an element of personal style to the game. 

Once again, thank you Rose Byrne for showing us something different. Elegant, gorgeous, and true to your amazing style. My favourite, hands down. 

Kiernan managed to look adorable and age-appropriate without looking dull.

Props to the several girls who went for a pretty pop of pink, rather than the standard black, white and ugh, navy. 

Loved the deco-inspired embellishments and vintage-meets-modern cut of Katrina's Badgley-Mischka gown. 

This one made most of the "worst-dressed" lists, but I love January for going for it, taking a risk and looking like she was pulled straight from the pages of an editorial feature in your favourite 80s fashion mag. Not her prettiest look of all time, but in my opinion, her coolest. 

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