Gift guide: Ideas for under $50

 The gifting season is officially upon us.  Yes, I know we are already well into December, but I tend to go by the adorable onset of boyfriends, husbands, dudes young and old, timidly poking their heads into our corner of the shop and mumbling something about " girlfriend wants...anchors?" ADORABLE.

Kudos to you thoughtful boys who start early and know what your ladies actually want. But for those of you who need a few ideas about what to get for your significant others, sisters, friends, mothers or office-secret-Santas we have put together a little series of gift-guides, starting with this one: Gifts for $50 and under! 

Because gifting can add up quickly, we have lots of options to please both stocking and wallet!   

1. Embellished headbands, headpieces and hair ties. A variety of styles and colours, $24-$50.

2. Adorable lingerie sets from Montreal's GLOBLOVE. Top and bottoms together for $46. 

3. Spike bracelets, black or ivory, $26 each.

4. Wool scarves in a variety of prints and colours, $48

5. A variety of amazing stud earrings, $20 each.

6. Sequin Collar Necklace, handmade in Toronto by Hoda Designs, $42.

7. Jenny Bird Lantern Bracelets, variety of colours, $24.

8. Studded iphone 4 and 5 covers. A variety of colours and styles, $20 each.

9. Leather bracelets, $26.

10. Locally made Fieldguided tote bags, $20.

11. Jenny Bird Market bracelet, $49.

12. Double finger "double cross" ring, $29.

13. And finally, everyone's favourite anchor bracelets by Happy Camper Collections. Currently sold out (we can't keep these babies in stock!) but I've been promised more by this weekend! $22 each. 

See you soon Christmas shoppers! 

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