Party with Pinky's Nails!

We are beyond thrilled to announce that everyone's newest obsession (for good reason!) Pinky's Nails will be at our party this Thursday to help jazz up your nails for the holidays! Toronto's first professional nail art studio opened on Richmond Street West this past summer, and ever since then when someone says "OMG I LOVE your nails, where did you get them done?!" the answer is undoubtedly "Pinkys".

On my first visit I was blown away by their creativity. I simply told the artist what colours I liked, asked for a few studs and told him to go nuts. This is what I ended up with, and I couldn't have been happier.

My nails were only scratching the surface of what Pinky's are capable of, basically the sky's the limit, and the pricing is very reasonable! You can follow their regularly updated Tumblr and Instagram for more examples of their work, or simply book an appointment if you haven't yet. It will quickly become favourite place for nails in Toronto. 

We couldn't be happier that they will be joining us at our holiday party on Thursday, so if you haven't experienced the joy of Pinky's yet you will have a chance then! While you sip some punch, munch on some treats and shop for pretty things. New arrivals are pouring in like crazy! We can hardly contain our excitement!

You can RSVP here, we can't wait to see you!

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  1. Nail designs nice and very attractive :) I really like the nail art is unique and interesting. thank you