New Arrivals: BB Dakota Holiday

We received a ton of pretty new pieces this past week, including a big holiday delivery from BB Dakota. Here are a few of the pieces you can find in the shop right now and online very soon. We love this time of year, when you don't need an excuse to add a bit of sparkle to your wardrobe! 
Bring on the holiday parties!

Your perfect go-to party dress, the sequin / pleated Olsen Dress.

A versatile black sequin jacket to dress up any outfit. Also comes in GOLD!

You always need a good LBD this time of year. This one is very Brenda Walsh. Dress it up with some fun jewels!

Cozy-up in front of the fire in the cute striped Dania sweater.

The Fringe Blanket wrap coat is our current fave!

Gold pleated skirt! Party party party...

Metallic skinny jeans, for when you want to be festive without wearing a dress. Have we mentioned we love gold?!

Aztec Hooded coat. Stay cute while staying warm this party season!

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