New York has her now.

The view from our East Village apartment.

 We are still recovering from a very productive buying trip in our all-time favourite city. As usual, it was a whirlwind of long days and fun filled nights, and we wanted to share a few of the pics with you. 

Bless'ed Are The Meek ss13

The dreamiest dress of the trip, Bless'ed ss/13

Sunset at the Capsule Beer Garden

Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge

Leah and Julie at Freemans (our all-time favourite.)

An amazing new LA-based t-shirt line we picked up for spring.

Cammy and Cologne of Mumu. Babesville.

Prettiness from Whitney Eve's spring collection.

Whitney Port. She and her sister Paige are always a pleasure to work with. Total sweethearts.

Just a tiny taste of what we have coming in from Ladakh for Spring. We think it may be their strongest collection yet. 

Mandatory white wine in the West Village. Somehow most of it ended up being free. 

Rosemary's, West Village. Highly recommended. 

The aftermath of a great night out with the Mumu crew.

Obviously we had to order this FITZ root beer!

Touring the High Line with a dear friend.

Music festival wrist band that I'm still wearing...

Taken from outside the ATP Festival in lower Manhattan. The view behind me was a sea of people holding up their iphones to capture the moon.

The perfect end to a perfect trip. We miss you already NYC. 

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  1. that cobalt seashell dress is a dream! now i can't wait till spring!