What I wore: Jury Duty

OK so technically it's not actually jury duty, it's jury selection, which I'm hoping will be quick and easy and I'll be able to prove myself ineligible and be dismissed by about noon-ish (#notgonnahappen). BUT it does present a sartorial situation which I have never encountered before. What does one wear to jury duty? Or as I've been told, to wait in a room all day. 

So many questions arise. Is it air conditioned in the municipal courts? Are heels or flats more appropriate? Should I take my cue from this?

Or if I'm hoping NOT to be selected is it better to go for something like this?
After much deliberation and finally concluding that tipsy pants probably would not work in this particular situation, I opted for the stylish but sensible Eddie Dress, one of our new fall arrivals from Ladakh.
 The perfect courtroom drama outfit.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that I'm dismissed after the first day and don't have to go through this again tonight! Because it's not going to be like in the movies. Sigh. 

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