Tipsy Pants!!!!

Hold the phone. After having sold out of the previous styles a few weeks ago, we finally just received a LOT of new TIPSY PANTS in the store!!! So for all of you who are fans of the style (basically anyone who has ever put on a pair has walked out with them, or IN THEM), you will want to get down here IMMEDIATELY. I'm serious, they do not hang around very long. Also, we here at FITZROY/BYOB also have a bit of a hoarding issue with Tipsys. So the longer you wait the more likely we are to keep them all for ourselves! Defeats the purpose of retail, I know, but the Tipsy Pants are just too good to part with!! Get here quick people! Not in Toronto? Get your Tipsy-fix online HERE.

Newly arrived Tipsys:

"Listen, I’m an all new genre of pant. Low rise, wide legged, semi-sheer with built in mini shorts. I’ve got a thick scrunchy waist, with the fold over option. I’m long enough to cover your platforms to the ground, or fold me over at the waist and wear me with flip flops. Some say I’m versatile, I like to call it easy going. My nickname is fancy pants when I wear a blazer, and beach pant when I go straight up bikini. Oh and my real name, well, I enjoy a good cocktail… so don’t blame me for being a little tipsy." - Show Me Your Mumu

Also new in from Mumu:

Jumping George cropped tank in Sailor Stripe:

Crazy Carl dress in Zebra:

Wendy Topslip tank in Sailor Stripe:

Come and get 'em fellow Mumumaniacs!

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