"Do you have any of those giant ice cube trays?"

As you know we spent December on Queen West sharing the highs and lows of the holiday retail season with the awesome folks at BYOB. Here are some of our favourite memories from an amazing month in our favourite shop in town  - we're missing it already. Like, huge.

Our sandwich board goes up on the first day! *Not pictured - when it got knocked down and smashed :(

Kristen and Julie looking pretty at our opening night party.

200 Cigarettes plays on the wall during the party, combining our shop themes of the holidays and drinking.

We develop a love for Bourbon. Kristen show us how to make an Old Fashioned and we proceed to drink large quantities of them.

Angela and Kristen show up to work in matching peacock pants from Show Me Your Mumu - "Twinsies!!"

Nick makes us Manhattans because "it's 3:00 and the Spice Girls are playing on the ipod". As good a reason as any.

Amelia enjoys a 3:00 Manhattan.

The Fitzroy boys participate in a Zoolander style walk-off to determine once and for all "WHO WORE IT BEST?" Harrison is crowned champion and Nick starts drinking.

We celebrate after a very busy last-Saturday-before-Christmas. "Thank you Toronto!"

 We hear this album so much that it's still in our heads.

Thanks for the memories BYOB, we love you. XO

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