Fun with old-school collages

When I was in my early teens I was collage-obsessed. My bedroom walls were entirely covered in an intricate collage that included those early 90s Kate Moss CKOne ads, Nirvana posters and pictures of Claire Danes as Angela Chase. We were all really into making collages back then, and in our spare time we'd make collage covered boxes for each other as gifts, for some reason. (Is 'Podgy' still a thing that exists? What was it's intended use? Surely not glazing Kurt Cobain's face onto an old shoe box..) Julie says she still has one that I made her with Aerosmith and Joey Lawrence on it. Why did we do this? Well it was long before blogs, tumblr, pinterest and instagram and we had time on our hands and creativity to let out..

My penchant for collages has never really gone away, which is why I was so thrilled to come across an article about artist Beth Hoeckel's incredible hand made collages. Via Frankie Magazine: "Constructed from papers found in vintage zines and books, her collages (so carefully cut and pasted) challenge the distinction between reality and imagination."

They do. And I want all of them.

She is also a photographer. I am in love with this photo. I want to dive into it.
It was featured in this photography project.
Damn you Zara, why must you always win?

See more of Beth's lovely work here.


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