Mother's Day is for style icons

For the past few years I've been an avid follower and huge fan of Brooklyn based writer Piper Weiss's amazing blog: My Mom, Style Icon. She collects and posts vintage photos that people send in from all over the world of their mothers looking fabulous back in the day. Which is why I was so thrilled when Piper told me she'd be including this photo of my gorgeous grandmother in her new book, out this month from Chronicle Books.  I had originally submitted the photo to the blog back in 2009, so it's been a long but worthwhile wait to see it in print!  Of course I ran out and bought the book the day it came out (after digging it out from a back shelf in the "lifestyle" section at Indigo). So I was more than pleasantly surprised to find it prominently displayed in the Drake General Store the other day. Obviously I bought another copy. Just because.

My Style Icon: Grandma Claire - Vancouver Island 1938

You can watch the brilliant author talk about her book in more detail here. And if you're looking for a last minute Mother's Day gift look no further!

Piper had also wanted to include this photo taken by my grandmother in her book, but sadly I don't know the people in it (besides my grandfather) and couldn't get their written permission. But I'm posting it here until someone tells me not to! Whoever you are, you look amazing...

Lunch with friends - Italy 1968

Here are some more images from Piper's blog. Totally worth checking out. Happy Mother's Day!!


  1. Thanks for these great photos. I've kept some of the funky glasses/sunglasses my mother had from that era.
    The only thing missing from the Italy photo is Cary Grant and Sophia Loren passing by on a Vespa. Cheers, Shawn

  2. Thanks! If you want to see more of my vintage photo collection you can check out my other blog: There's a guy in some of the Italy pics I could swear is Jeff Goldblum!