Apartment jealousy

A few years back when I was living in Auckland this amazing loft-apartment was featured in a magazine. I think it was RUSSH but I'm not sure. The apartment was right around the corner from my own but about a thousand times nicer. I remember the owner as well, she ran a very cool vintage shop where I managed to leave a lot of my money. Anyway, from the first moment I saw it, I WANTED IT. Ideally I wanted to live in it, but I would settle for making my own apartment look as much like it as possible. I even bought some lion figurines and put them on top of my TV. It just looked stupid.

Years passed and I had forgotten about all about the apartment until I was pleasantly surprised to see it featured in The Selby this past week. Looking at it again from a new perspective (older and wiser perhaps? Or maybe just more boring),  I am no longer filled with the same jealous rage. I appreciate various elements of the space but wouldn't want to trade my own for hers. Except for that amazing rooftop deck. Come on!

OK so the mirrored table tops and fur accents are still on my wish list. And I wouldn't mind a peek at that record collection..


All images via The Selby

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