Bazaar 1983 part 1 - "Enter Chloe"

I recently picked up an issue of Harper's BAZAAR from April 1983 and it instantly became my favourite magazine ever. Flipping through the pages is almost like stepping into a time machine.  It's just far enough into the 80's to be power-lunch-crowd decadent but close enough to the 70's to still retain the disco-era glamour that I love so much.  Here is a selection of fragrance ads from the magazine. They all seem to be loosely based on the concept of a somewhat creepy, Stevie Nicks inspired dream-world where according Karl Lagerfeld, "A woman does not put on my fragrance, she enters it." Really Karl? I wonder if we'll look back at the perfume ads of today in 30 years and think, wow that's a bit creepy. Probably. Which is why the Halston "Night" ad is by far my favourite. It evokes the era perfectly yet stands the test of time.

Actually now I really want that bottle, it's kind of amazing. 

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